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Aimee Forest


Licensed Medical Esthetician 

My esthetics business was founded on my passion for connecting and helping people. The satisfaction gained from being there on one’s most meaningful day is a gift and it never gets old. The state of relaxation when performing a facial or skin care service is just as rewarding.


Our approach to beauty starts with listening to our brides’ wants and concerns and then delivering what she has in mind in a fun way. It’s not about me, I am here to guide a Bride to their vision with elegance and tasteful hair & makeup. 


When I first meet a future bride, I like to ask a lot of questions to get to know where they’re coming from. It’s important for me to understand their comfort level with makeup. I also want to understand their style and even their culture. 


My background as an artist is from all over, but originally from photoshoots and TV, as well as working with musicians and actors for special events. At this point, I have seen it all and there is nothing I can’t handle. As I started to build a team and expand my practices I wanted them to reflect my level of range and expertise. My team and I pride ourselves on the ability to work on anyone, any age, gender, skin or hair type.  


I want our clients to look stunning in a way that is not about the makeup and hair, a glow from within, but head-turning gorgeous, as a whole. We want people to wonder how it’s all. 


The beauty pro/client relationship is very interesting. We open up, connect and reveal ourselves to a perfect stranger. I love what I do because I get to meet people on the most anticipated, happiest, most memorable day of their lives, and it’s an honor!


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Freelance Hair & Nail Artist

Meet Erin, a talented bridal hairstylist, skilled nail technician, and proud co-owner of Veil Beauty Collective.


Erin is a Nevada County native who enjoys spending her free time with her husband and 3 children on their family farm. With a passion for creating stunning bridal looks, Erin combines creativity and expertise to make every client feel truly special on the big day.


As a seasoned salon owner, she has curated a space where beauty and elegance converge, offering top-notch hairstyling and nail services. Elevate your bridal experience with Erin for a touch of glamour and a dash of personalized charm.


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Freelance Hair & MakeupArtist

Hi I'm Hannah, a licensed cosmetologist dedicated to enhancing beauty through the art of bridal hair and makeup. I've refined my skills to ensure every client feels effortlessly radiant on their special day. My journey in the beauty industry began at a young age, where my fascination with makeup and hair blossomed into a career path. Now, I am devoted to translating my passion into memorable experiences for my clients. My mission is to amplify the natural beauty of each individual, leaving them feeling empowered and exuding confidence. Whether it's perfecting your hair, makeup, or enhancing your lashes, my goal is to provide exceptional service and leave you feeling absolutely fabulous. 



Freelance Makeup & HairArtist 


Hi I’m Jacque, I’m a Nevada County native who specializes in makeup, dry styles, extensions, braids and more. I love to connect with people of all ages and cultures. I take each clients hair into my hands as a tool for connection, and know when to listen and when to offer my expertise. I value trust and love spending time learning about my clients needs and explaining what I’m doing to eliminate any fear. 


During wedding season you can find me offering beautiful Bridal hairstyles and makeup services. When I’m not working, I fill my passion bucket through participating in all kinds of fun community events, concerts and roller skating.  I also enjoy my frequent trips with my family and loved ones.


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Freelance Makeup Artist

Hello, my name’s Fernanda. I started experimenting with make up at a young age and have developed a true passion for it. Make up is a form to express myself, my creativity and make people feel like the best versions of themselves. I am a self-taught artist, who has been doing make-up professionally for about 4 years now, working alongside some amazing  industry pros. I've have also studied through many books, seminars, apprenticeships and lots of practice. When I’m not doing makeup I’m a licensed heath care worker. Throughout the years, my artistic portfolio has expanded with modern trends and techniques. I’m very passionate about making my clients look and feel their very best. 

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